The Flag of Pitcairn Island

Flag of Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Flags can be purchased in two sizes:
Large (1800mm x 900mm) NZ$130.00 + postage
Small (900mm x 450mm) NZ$65.00 + postage

Pitcairn Island's flag is a Blue Ensign with the island's Coat of Arms in the fly. The design was suggested by the Pitcairn Island Council in December 1980 and approved by HM The Queen in April 1984. The flag was flown on Pitcairn for the first time in May 1984, during a visit by the Governor the late Sir Richard Stratton.

The British Blue Ensign, incorporating the Union Flag or Union Jack in the hoist, indicates Pitcairn Island’s historical association with Great Britain.

The shield of the island's coat of arms features the anchor and bible from HMS Bounty.

The anchor represents the island’s maritime history and the bible symbolises the island’s Christian heritage and the religious community that evolved from it.

The divided shield symbolises the island (green) rising out of the Pacific Ocean (blue).

Surmounting the shield is a helmet crested with a Pitcairn Island wheelbarrow carrying a flowering slip of miro (a local plant). The wheelbarrow and plant symbolise the island's agriculture.

The description of Pitcairn's Coat of Arms, which was granted by Royal Warrant dated 4th November 1969: "Azure on a Pile in base Vert fimbriated Or a representation of the Bounty Bible proper and in base of the Anchor of H.M.S. Bounty Or. And for the Crest on a Wreath Or and Vert on a Mount Vert a representation of the Pitcairn Island Wheelbarrow in front of a Slip of Miro leaved and fructed proper."